The Lite-lift™ could be called a “mini-facelift.” It is the more affordable option for the younger patient who doesn’t require a traditional facelift. The Lite-lift™ reduces signs of aging around the neck, jawbone, and lower face. This is a shorter operation with a quicker recovery and longer lasting results which differentiates it from the heavily advertised “lift” procedures marketed nationally. Many patients are rightfully wary of “lift” operations performed by unknown surgeons employed by a national marketing organization. (Many of these surgeons are not board certified plastic surgeons.)

At Napa Valley Plastic Surgery  the Lite-lift™ is performed in a safe state of the art operating facility by our board certified surgeons who spend considerable time before surgery getting to know you and explaining your surgical and non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. This operation is usually performed under local anesthesia with gentle sedation. Many Lite-lift™ patients are candidates for complementary or adjunct procedures which can enhance the results.  The most common complementary procedures are Blepharoplasties, Lipocontouring of the Neck, Brow Lift , and BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal filler injections such as JUVÉDERM® XC or Restylane®.

Healing time for the Lite-lift™ is relatively quick, requiring no more than a week for most patients. Adding complementary procedures could lengthen the recovery period depending upon the number of areas treated. Dr. McClure and Dr. Jackson see patients at least twice before surgery to discuss the operation and all the surgical options.

If you would like to learn more about the Lite-lift™, you may call or email the office to schedule a consultation.

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