Breast Reduction

Many women inherit excessively heavy and large breasts. This condition is associated with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Women with very large breasts are considered “over proportioned” and find it difficult to comfortably take part in many activities or to find appropriate bras and clothing. They can feel awkward or self conscious in certain settings when attention is directed to their breasts. This is especially troubling for teenage girls. The Breast Reduction operation both reduces the breast size and lifts the breast to correct the sagging. Even though the operation leaves scars around the areola and on the underside of the breast, this operation ranks highest in patient satisfaction. In most cases the scars diminish to become flat lines.

Breast Reduction is a safe operation with a quick comfortable recovery. It is performed under a general anesthetic either in our office surgery center or at Queen of the Valley Medical Center if the procedure is to be covered by insurance. Breast reduction surgery will occasionally  be covered by health insurance though every company requires that certain criteria be met. We are happy to work with our patients to obtain coverage, though in recent years the insurance companies have become very restrictive to the point that more than eighty percent of our patients pay out of pocket for the procedure, as they would for a cosmetic procedure. We are able to keep the costs down to a reasonable and affordable range. .

If you would like to learn more about Breast Reduction, you may call or email the office to schedule a consultation. Please click Breast Reduction Photos for more patient photos. Click Breast Reduction for a more detailed information sheet which can be downloaded and printed.


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