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Improving body contour is an elusive desire of many women and men, especially those people with conditions that don’t respond to exercise or dieting. Dr. William McClure, Dr. Rebecca Jackson, and Dr. Tyler Street are specialists in body contouring surgery who spend a considerable portion of their time helping patients improve their shape and size. They perform safe operations with a fairly short recovery; operations that can thrill patients with the dramatic changes.The operations are done as an outpatient in our nationally certified office surgery center, typically under general anesthesia performed by board certified anesthesiologist (MD’s). These physician anesthesiologists use the newest medications and techniques to ensure a safe and gentle experience. Click on the links below to learn more about the different breast operations performed at Napa Valley Plastic Surgery.

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as the “tummy tuck,” is a safe effective operation performed to improve the abdominal contour by removing excess abdominal skin and fat, and by tightening lax abdominal muscles. Though the operation can be done on men as well as women, the most common reason for the loss of a good abdominal contour is pregnancy.

The newly heralded Mommy Makeover combines rejuvenation of a woman’s breasts and tummy to give her the firmer breasts and tighter abdomen she lost after breast feeding and pregnancy. These operations can be done at the same sitting with a fairly quick recovery. The changes can be quite dramatic and patients are very pleased with their new bodies.

Liposuction, a collection of body contouring operations developed in France in the early 1980’s, has become mainstream in North America. When performed in certified surgical facilities by skilled practitioners such as Dr. William McClure, Dr. Rebecca Jackson, and Dr. Tyler Street, the procedures are extremely safe and effective. When done on appropriate patients the results can be amazing. At Napa Valley Plastic Surgery our doctors utilize innovative techniques such as ultrasonically assisted liposuction (UAL) and power assisted liposuction (PAL).

Brachioplasty is done to improve the contour of the upper arm by removing extra skin and fat. This excess skin and fat can be an inherited trait, but it can also be the after effect of weight reduction.

Often our doctors are called upon to treat patients who have undergone dramatic weight losses of more than 100 pounds, usually following gastric bypass surgery. These patients can carry dramatic excesses of skin in the abdomen, breasts, neck, arms, thighs, back, and flanks. These patients are candidates for “full” Body lifts, a combination of procedures in which excess skin and fat is removed from many parts of the the body in the manner of a tailor altering an oversized garment.

Click on the links below for a further discussion and photographs of the body procedures.

Mommy Makeover
Body Lift

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