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Dr. McClure devotes a large part of his practice to international volunteer work. During his third medical school year he was invited to join a group of plastic surgeons on a volunteer mission to Mexico to treat children with cleft lips and palates, and burn scar deformities. He assisted plastic surgeons who performed life changing operations on children who otherwise would not  have had the chance to lead normal lives. This mission changed Dr. McClure’s life and he decided at that moment to pursue a career in plastic surgery so he could continue to help children around the world.

This year Dr. McClure was honored by the ReSurge International Foundation, the world’s premiere volunteer reconstructive surgery volunteer organization, for his 32 years of continuing service.

During his plastic surgery training he volunteered on seven international humanitarian missions. He also sought additional training in the treatment of burn victims. He chose a practice in the Napa Valley that would allow him to continue his volunteer work. When the time came to seek a new associate, Dr. McClure invited Dr. Rebecca Jackson, another Stanford trained surgeon, to join him. She shared his passion for international humanitarian surgical service, so together they fashioned a practice that would allow them each to spend up to six weeks abroad every year donating their skills. Just as important as helping the children is the training of host surgeons to do theseDalai Lama operations so they would eventually be able to care for their own. Only by teaching others can one hope to help the greatest number of patients. Dr. McClure has led and served on more than 65 volunteer missions to developing nations around the world to treat children with debilitating deformities, and to teach surgical techniques. In 2005 he was recognized by the Dalai Lama as an “Unsung Hero of Compassion.” Below are listed links to some of the organizations with whom Dr. McClure serves. Click on volunteer service to see photographs of the children Dr. McClure and Dr. Jackson have treated.

Closer to home Dr. McClure and Dr. Jackson strive to help those who fall between the cracks of our health care system. Working with Napa’s Queen of the Valley Medical Center and Clinic Ole ́ the county’s community health clinic for patients with financial needs, they treat trauma victims and patients in need of reconstructive surgery regardless of their ability to pay. This year The Queen of the Valley Foundation recognized the two doctors for their service by awarding them the Sister Ann McGuinn Award for Justice.

IMG_3577In 1998 Dr. McClure and Dr. Jackson recognized the need for a tattoo removal program to help former youth gang members leave the gang life behind by removing the stigmatizing tattoos of gang identity. Working with other concerned community members and former gang members they established Taboo Tattoo, a volunteer community based program. To date they have removed tattoos from hundreds of young people seeking the chance for a new start.

Dr. McClure’s first mission to Cuba was with the Plasticos Foundation. His statements open this video.

Dr. McClure lead Plasticos’ first mission to Laos. This video is from the second Plasticos mission he lead to this beleaguered country.

Dr. McClure recognized for developing the Resurge International reconstructive surgery program in Vietnam.